We’ve decided

We are going to finish out our normal podcasts with the final episodes of the RADAR and then we will transition to a new format of about quarterly podcast covering all of the news, random book reviews, guest hosts, videos discussion, and interviews cobbled together over the months. Right now it’s just not realistic for us to maintain a weekly podcast. This will allow Anna to continue to join us while she is at university. We continue to thank you for your support and for listening to us ramble a lot about nonsense things. We’d love for you to get involved with the new French The Podcast so if you have ideas for things we should talk about or cover, or if you want to join us as a guest host, let us know! Our ask box and email are always open!

Guys. We’re sorry.

We have decided to postpone the podcast until we’re all done with school and get readjusted to the summer schedule and stuff. New episodes will be coming soon! Thanks to all of you who still listen to us every week even though we don’t have a new episode. You’re brilliant.

P.S. Caroline and I, Jacob, as well as Madeline and possibly Anna will all be at the Nerdfighter gathering at the St. Louis Zoo on Saturday if any of you will be there it would be so awesome to meet you! Let us know! Our ask is always open and we literally squee when we see that lovely red letter.

In which French The Podcast thinks that it will be more regular with a bi-weekly schedule but instead is just as un-reliable as before.

Sorry guys. We’ve been trying to record but the schedules have been all over the place. We promise we’ll be back soon. We’ve also been trying to get some guest hosts on and some fun interviews so hopefully the show will come back bigger and better! In the mean time, why not send us an email telling us how we can do better, what segments we should add, what we should talk about?


Jacob, Anna, Caroline.



Files got deleted again!

Let’s all say it together,

So here’s a rundown of the important stuff that could have happened in episode 18.

1. We are officially switching to a Bi-Weekly schedule, that means that we have a podcast every two weeks. So we will record this Saturday and hopefully have it up by next Wednesday.

2. Next Book! We’re getting near the end of Paper Towns and we need a new book to look through chapter by chapter, it could be a John Green book, or any other author because we’re a nerdfighter podcast! We have decided against TFiOS at least for a while.

3. New Ideas! We’d love to have your ideas for new segments, ways to improve the podcast etc. etc. We also through around the idea of having Theme episodes every once in a while about different fandoms or books or topics and stuff, so if you have ideas for that send them our way as well!

4. We all love the Zenon movies from Disney Channel.

@Frenchthepod, frenchthepodcast@gmail.com,


In book news,


I finished the last book in the Alcatraz Smedry series earlier tonight! I can’t even express my love for that series in actual words. If you ever need something to read, pick up Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson. That’s the first book - there’s four in the series. It’s amazing. The series is equal parts hilarious, awestriking, frustrating, and inspiring.

rebloging this as a recommendation for everyone ever.

Episode 17 is fixed and back up everyone!